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Dear John,

The kind of lifestyle you advocate isn’t just Spartan, it’s downright masochistic. Your way of life seems more like a prison to me. It’s only for the Amish, or others who make self-denial into a lifestyle. I think people like you are crazy.


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Dear John,

You people who say that we would all be more peaceful if we ate a vegetarian diet always seem to forget that Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian. That pretty well destroys your belief system, doesn’t it?


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Dear John,

I’ve heard you on the radio today, and was surprised that you seemed so down on TV. You seemed to be saying that the more TV children watch, the more likely they will become violent. But don’t you think fantasizing about aggression might let off steam and function as an outlet for them, and actually lessen the chance they will act out their aggressions?

I know most of the programming is basically for idiots, but don’t you think there’s some value in the better shows?

What did you do with you son? Did you let him watch TV?


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Dear John,

Is anybody doing anything to change the food in schools? It’s terrible. Last week I took my 8-year-old to a school picnic. It was a lovely day, but they served bologna and cheese sandwiches on white bread, with mayonnaise. Plus Oreo cookies and ice cream. And, of course, enormous plastic jugs of Coke. In class, pupils earn credits for good behavior, which they can use to get candy and Cokes.



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Dear John,

My husband loves pizza. He is also a fan of yours, and says it’s okay to eat as much as he likes because it’s vegetarian. I’m afraid because he eats so much cheese on his pizza that he’s going to have a heart attack. He particularly likes stuffed crust pizzas.

What can I tell him about cheese and pizza that will help him to cut back?