Plant-Powered & Thriving Resource Kit Videos!

Change What You Buy

In this first resource kit video, Ocean Robbins talks about how you can positively impact your food choices by changing what you buy! This trick is simple, yet effective!

Why No One Diet Is Right For Everyone

Have you ever felt like certain foods that make your friends, family, and peers thrive, don’t necessarily work the same way for you? That’s because we’re all so different! In this second resource kit video, John Robbins explains why there’s no one right diet for everyone.

Make Healthy Eating Affordable

Does healthy food ever seem out of reach because of its price tag? Listen to Ocean talk about how you can make healthy eating affordable in this third resource kit video.

Why Eating Plants Changes Everything

We may all know eating more plant-based foods is good for us, but it also has such a tremendous impact on the world around us. In this fourth resource kit video, John explains why eating plants changes everything.