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[Video] The Truth About Factory Farms and Animal Abuse

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See why factory farms are miserable places for farmed animals in this powerful and inspiring video.

See what the meat industry doesn’t want you to know in this powerful video…

Factory farms are responsible for the vast majority of the meat, dairy, and eggs sold in the United States. And factory farming is the fastest growing method of animal production worldwide.

But the cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other animals housed in these large-scale operations don’t get to feel the sunlight on their backs, breathe fresh air, or move around freely and live the way they normally would. But that isn’t even the worst of the alarming suffering these animals are forced to endure.

While animal cruelty laws exist to protect dogs and cats from abuse, these laws specifically exclude farm animals from most protection. As a result, blatant abuse is a common problem on factory farms.

Undercover investigations factory farming quoteAnimals on factory farms are:

  • Intensely confined,
  • Mutilated,
  • Systematically abused,
  • Genetically manipulated,
  • Fed a totally unnatural diet,
  • Denied veterinary care, and
  • Painfully killed.

These animals aren’t treated as sentient beings, and they lack protection to reduce or end the cruelty they suffer. That’s why undercover investigations are so important.

Ever wonder what kind of people become undercover investigators, and how they do it?

Watch this short, powerful video to find out:

Mercy for Animals was founded by Milo Runkle nearly 20 years ago when he was only 15-years-old.

Under his leadership, Mercy for Animals has become a leading international force for the prevention of cruelty to farmed animals.

The organization’s undercover investigations have exposed horrors, but they’ve also created waves of compassion that have spread throughout our society and world.