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WATCH: Get Inspired to Become The CEO of Your Health and Happiness

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Learn how to live a crazy, sexy life every single day with this inspiring and empowering video featuring Kris Carr.

Watch this short video to get inspired to take control of your health. 

In 2003, Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of stage IV cancer. But instead of giving up on life — she set forth on a path of health and wound up helping to ignite a global wellness revolution.

Today, she’s a New York Times bestselling author and the founder of the Crazy Sexy Cancer movement. And she’s created a blueprint for a healthy and happy life that she shares all over the planet.

Recently, Kris delivered an absolutely riveting presentation. If you or anyone you know has ever had cancer or feared cancer or any other major illness, this video is absolutely for you.

And this video is also for you if you need inspiration and motivation to live your best life possible.

Kris Carr Video: How To Take Control of Your Health and Live A Crazy, Sexy Life

If you want to do better, be better, and feel better, watch Kris’s vulnerable, humorous, wisdom-filled presentation here:

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What Does It Mean to Live A Crazy, Sexy Life?

Whether or not you have cancer or fear cancer, everyone can live a crazy, sexy life!

But what does that mean?

“Crazy is unique,” Kris says.”Different. The celebration of what makes you different. Sexy is informed. Empowered. Standing in your power and helping other people do the same.”

Living a crazy, sexy life means becoming the CEO of your health and wanting the best for yourself.

How can you participate in your own wellness instead of participating in your illness, as Kris says?

Prevention is the best cure. She says:

“More often than not, our genes are not our fate.”

Here are her 5 pillars of prevention:

  • What we’re eating
  • What we’re drinking
  • What we’re thinking
  • How we’re resting
  • How we’re renewing

What we need to do, as she discusses in the video, is accept ourselves as we are right now and give ourselves permission to care for ourselves.

“We don’t need fixing,” she tells us. “We need loving.”

Are you willing to take care of yourself and accept yourself and truly live?

Tell us in the comments. What are you taking away from this video? What did you learn? Are you ready to take control of your health? We’d love to know.

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