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The Food Revolution in 2020: Here’s What We Accomplished Together

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2020 was an incredibly difficult year for a lot of people. And yet, we still have many reasons for gratitude and hope. More people than ever before are interested in caring for their immune systems and optimizing their health. And Food Revolution Network has expanded our reach significantly. Here are some of our top accomplishments from 2020.

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for almost everyone. And yet, we all have reasons to be grateful. For instance, it continues to be a true privilege to work with you for a healthier and brighter future. Thank you for all the ways you join us in this mission.

We want to share with you some of our reasons for gratitude and hope this year.

For example, more people than ever before are interested in caring for their immune systems and optimizing their health. The global demand for plant-based meat alternatives has been skyrocketing — with over 12 times the amount sold in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the same period the previous year. Home gardening had a breakthrough year too, with people around the globe planting seeds and tilling soil — many for the first time in their lives. And US sales of organically grown food have continued to grow and have more than doubled in the last decade.

Sadly, in the face of the pandemic, there’s also been an overwhelming surge in the number of people facing food insecurity and chronic hunger. But the good news is that donations to food banks have been higher than ever, enabling the food banks in the Feeding America network to provide more than five billion meals to more than 40 million people.

And, with your help, Food Revolution Network has been working diligently to advance our mission of healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all.

Our Contributions to the Food Revolution

In 2020, together with our team of 20+ staff, and with you and the rest of our 700,000+ members, we have:

  • Published 105 new articles on cutting-edge food and health topics — and 215 delicious whole foods plant-powered recipes — reaching more than five million unique readers on our website.
  • Funded the planting of more than 100,000 organic fruit or nut trees in low-income communities as part of our collaboration with Trees for the Future.
  • Generated more than two million engagements and 120 million impressions across our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter).
  • Reached more than 330,000 participants with the 2020 Food Revolution Summit.
  • Shared the award-winning, solution-inspiring film, The Need To Grow, with more than 320,000 people.
  • Shared our Food For Health Masterclass with more than 150,000 people.
  • Helped more than 5,000 people implement a healthy eating lifestyle with our Plant-Powered & Thriving course.
  • Shared the Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass, taught by Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, with more than 85,000 people.
  • Built the Healthy Brain course with the Drs. Sherzai, and shared it with more than 2,500 participants.
  • Shared 52 Action of the Week videos, 12 expert interviews, 275 fabulous recipes, and a steady stream of support with our WHOLE Life Club membership community, which has grown to more than 7,000 active members.
  • Helped our members in western North America respond to dangerous levels of smoke from devastating wildfires by getting them major discounts on more than 4,000 AirDoctor filtration systems.
  • Provided wisdom and support to help our members navigate the pandemic while focusing on how to strengthen the immune system and reduce the lifestyle-induced comorbidities that can make all the difference in the event of a COVID-19 infection.
  • As an expression of our commitment to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all, we hosted a series of Food Revolution Conversations with prominent leaders working for healthy food in the communities that need it most. We launched an ongoing series of investigations into why COVID-19 and so many chronic diseases are hitting communities of color the hardest (and what we can do about it!). And we brought substantial support to food banks and other good causes.
  • We’ve long felt that the lack of nutritional education in medical schools is a serious problem. Thanks to you and our Food Revolution Network allies, together we raised $250,000 for the campaign to get the power of food to prevent and treat diseases taught in medical schools. This allowed our partnership with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine to move to the next phase. One thousand diet and lifestyle-related questions for the medical board licensing exams have now been developed and approved, and we expect that they will begin to be implemented in medical schools starting early in 2021.

Behind all of these statistics are people whose lives have been changed, diseases reversed, sleep and vitality restored, and who are feeling better, clearer, and more confident. We hear stories of healing and transformation almost every day, and it fills us with awe — and with determination to carry on.

Thank You for Helping Us Make the Most of 2020

May all be fed. May all be healed. May all be loved. Food Revolution Network

It’s been said that a candle burns the brightest when it’s shining in a dark room. In the midst of all the suffering and darkness of our times, we want to thank you for all the ways that you have helped us bring more light into the world.

Thank you for caring about the food you eat, and its impact on the future.

Thank you for every food choice you make, and every bite you take, that is in alignment with your values. We are humbled and grateful to be able to work with you to make things, hopefully, a little bit better on this planet.

On behalf of our entire team, we thank you for your partnership in the food revolution.

And we wish you all good things in 2021 and beyond.

May all be fed. May all be healed. May all be loved.

Ocean Robbins and John Robbins
Co-founders, Food Revolution Network

Tell us in the comments:

  • How has the food revolution helped you during this past year?
  • What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

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