7 Delicious Recipes from Our Food Revolution Network Team Members

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Here at Food Revolution Network, we talk about food all the time. Professionally, itʼs our mission. And personally, itʼs our passion. In this recipe roundup, you get to meet seven of our team members. They share some of their favorite recipes and also explain what healthy, plant-based eating means to them. Enjoy!

As you might imagine, the team members here at Food Revolution Network (FRN) talk about food — a lot. Weʼre passionate about our mission of healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all.

But you know what else weʼre passionate about? Cooking yummy meals for ourselves and our families, and then telling each other about our favorite recipes, ingredients, and flavor profiles.

The food we choose to eat is one of the most personal things about us. Our choices are based on taste, budget, family history, cultural backgrounds, environment, health, and ethical considerations. So, hearing about each otherʼs culinary adventures gives us a real window into each otherʼs lived experiences.

And youʼd better believe that most of us are long-established sharers of food stories. Stories can include things like “Thereʼs a great frozen fruit mix at Trader Joeʼs that I use in my smoothies” and “A cute Panamanian restaurant opened four blocks from my apartment and has an entire page of vegan options.”

But one of our most powerful “love languages” is recipes. Sharing them fosters a strong sense of community within our organization as well as within the broader FRN community (that includes you if youʼre reading this!)

After all, food is our focus (see the “F” in FRN), and recipes are a big part of our mission. Iʼm usually the one associated with recipes since Iʼm the lead FRN Registered Dietitian and Recipe Developer. But Iʼm certainly not the only person around here with recipes on my mind!

So today, I want to celebrate the diversity and richness of the culinary traditions within FRN, bringing attention to both the people and their recipes. Iʼll introduce you to some of our behind-the-scenes team members, let them tell you in their own words what food and healthy plant-based eating means to them, and share one of their own go-to kitchen staples.

Food Revolution Network Team Member Recipes

Find out a little bit more about a few of our team members, and check out some of their favorite recipes to make at home!

1. Buckwheat Blueberry Ginger Pancakes by Lily O.

Buckwheat Blueberry Ginger Pancakes recipe by Lily O.

Lilyʼs Buckwheat Blueberry Ginger Pancakes offer a delightful mix of the wholesome, nutty flavor of fiber-rich buckwheat, sweet blueberries, and a zesty splash of anti-inflammatory ginger. Packed with omega-3s from chia and flaxseeds, these pancakes are as nutritious as they are tasty. The ginger not only enhances the flavor but, together with the blueberries, chia seeds, and flax seeds, also supports your digestive, nervous, and endocrine systems. Whether youʼre already a ginger enthusiast like Lily or are curious to try something new, these pancakes are a perfect, nourishing addition to your breakfast routine.

Lily Ovadya is FRNʼs bookkeeper. Thanks to her, we know what weʼre spending and what weʼre bringing in — kind of like calories, except here, the greens are dollar bills. She keeps us within our budgets, and her insights and oversight allow us to make informed decisions about projects and priorities.

When sheʼs not taking care of FRN, she enjoys deep conversations, dancing, board games, connecting with nature, and cocreating containers that foster collective liberation and healing.

When she thinks about food, she thinks about the whole natural world that supports her life in Vashon, Washington. Hereʼs how she puts it:

For me, eating is not just about my own sustenance but also about feeling connected to the wider web of life. Itʼs important to me to know where my food comes from, and what went into its creation. I try to source my ingredients as close to home as possible and from farms or companies that have similar ethics and values. Eating can be a meditative space for me to reflect on my interwovenness with life, and to feel how supported I am by the Earth, sun, and elements.”

Why pancakes? Hereʼs Lily again:

“I love pancakes and wanted a way to eat them that feels nutritious and fun. I also have struggled with finding breakfast foods that really work for my body. This recipe has been a winner. My digestive system loves it, my nervous system loves it, my endocrine system loves it, AND my taste buds, too! I love to make a big batch of pancakes and then keep them on hand in the freezer and fridge for breakfasts and snacks. I eat them with nut butter for added protein — and a little fruit on top to sweeten.”

2. Blueberry Chia Porridge by Ocean Robbins

Blueberry Chia Porridge recipe by Ocean Robbins

Crafted with some of Oceanʼs favorite “real superfoods,” this Blueberry Chia Porridge combines the hearty goodness of omega-3-rich chia seeds with the antioxidant power of blueberries. With just five simple ingredients and minimal prep time, you can easily whip up this beloved Robbins family favorite any day of the week!

OK, so Ocean isnʼt exactly behind the scenes here at FRN. But you absolutely need to check out his go-to breakfast! Ocean is our CEO, which means heʼs busy doing FRN-related things pretty much all of the time. When he does get a break, he loves playing racquetball.

The reasons for his commitment to plant-based eating have already filled hundreds of blog articles and several books, along with a popular TEDx talk and dozens of keynote speeches.

Letʼs hear from Ocean: “As the CEO of the Food Revolution Network, Iʼm deeply committed to promoting healthy, plant-based eating because of its profound benefits for our health, our planet, and all its inhabitants. Whole foods, plant-based diets can significantly reduce the risks of chronic diseases, support environmental sustainability, and reduce cruelty to animals. By choosing plant-based foods, weʼre not just nourishing our bodies — weʼre making a conscious decision to cultivate a more compassionate and sustainable world. It can feel really good to know that youʼre making food choices that align with your values.”

Why Blueberry Chia Porridge? Because itʼs nutritious, delicious, and incredibly fast and easy. Win-win-win! Hereʼs Ocean with the specifics:

“This recipe is loaded with protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, phytoestrogens, and antioxidants. And on top of all that, itʼs also delicious. Itʼs my favorite way to start the day!”

3. Aubergine Boats at Anchor by Myila Y.

Aubergine Boats at Anchor by Myila Y.

Set sail on a culinary voyage to the Mediterranean with Myila as your trusted captain. This recipe, dubbed Aubergine Boats at Anchor, cleverly combines the best of Greek gemista and Turkish imam bayildi into a delightful dish.

Each eggplant half is carved into a boat, generously filled with a savory mix of vegetables, herbs, and spices, and topped with a crunchy pita topping (see Chef’s Notes in the recipe for alternative topping ideas). These aubergine boats are as enjoyable to make as they are to eat. So get ready to anchor down for a delicious meal!

Myila Young is FRNʼs Head of Culture and HR leader. Her expertise around culture is both deep and wide: Myilaʼs a nomad who does her thing while she travels around the world. In fact, her favorite thing to do (other than help create a culture of deep respect, belonging, and equity at FRN) is travel.

Her travels have given her a powerful perspective on how food culture can determine a societyʼs well-being. In her words:

“My partner and I are travelers, and one of the things we travel for is to experience how different cultures perceive and prepare food. As we have traveled through places like Greece, Turkey, Thailand, and Singapore, we have been struck by how fundamental fresh produce is to cuisine outside the US.

“In Turkey, we went to a local market in a small town that filled two large floors with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices. Each stall was doing a brisk business selling their delicious produce to locals; the quantity of produce and the frequency of the market demonstrated not only how important plants are in their diets but also how inexpensive they are.

“This is in stark contrast to the US, where fresh produce is often more expensive than processed foods and, in many low-income neighborhoods, is unavailable. I love being part of FRNʼs mission to champion healthy plant-based eating FOR ALL.”

Myila chose Aubergine Boats at Anchor to honor one of her favorite regions of the world, the Mediterranean.

“This recipe that my partner and I have created together is deeply rooted in our culinary experiences in the eastern Mediterranean. I donʼt remember ever having eggplants (or aubergines, as Europeans call them) growing up. And I never incorporated them into my meal planning until visiting Greece and Turkey.

“The things they do with aubergines and the flavors they bring out are almost criminal — itʼs that good! So I want to share an aubergine recipe that is a hybrid of Greek gemista and Turkish imam bayildi.

“Greeks love to stuff their vegetables, bringing out incredible flavor profiles that can make you eat far too much in one sitting! Often, they top these stuffed vegetables with feta, but we came across one restaurant that created a crust using breadcrumbs, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice.

“It was so delicious we decided to add it to our beloved imam bayildi (which in Turkish means ‘the imam fainted:’ the story is that when he tasted this aubergine dish, it so delighted his taste buds that he literally fainted with pleasure!)

“Itʼs a relatively easy recipe with simple ingredients that produce one of our favorite dinners when combined. We call it Aubergine Boats at Anchor because we make it on our sailboat as we cruise the islands. Though the recipe I give you here is a make-at-home version, I donʼt have another name for it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”

4. Welsh Cakes by Maritza L.

Healthy Welsh Cakes by Maritza L.

Get ready for teatime with Maritzaʼs wholesome Welsh cakes, perfect for sharing moments with loved ones. These delightful cakes are crafted from a nutritious blend of whole grain flour, almond meal, and coconut flour, offering a flaky texture that mimics the traditionally buttery treats. With just the right touch of sweetness and a burst of bright citrus flavor, Welsh cakes are ideal for an afternoon snack during tea or a comforting breakfast. Gather around the table and enjoy these treats with loved ones as you cherish quality time together.

Maritza Loaiza is FRNʼs Community Builder. She splits her time between Ireland, Costa Rica, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. These settings allow her to engage in two of her favorite activities: surfing and foraging medicinal herbs.

“Five years ago, I switched to a plant-based diet for health reasons, and the results were life-changing — Iʼve never felt better! Not only is this diet beneficial for the environment, but it truly is the best way to thrive!

Why Welsh Cakes? Maritza explains:

“This recipe is a healthy version of the most typical dessert in Wales: Welsh cakes. My mother-in-law is Welsh, so the first time I met her in Wales, she made me Welsh cakes. The only problem is that the original recipe uses white flour, processed sugar, and butter. I had to create a healthy alternative! Now, when I visit, we make them together. But I make my version beside her! She has confessed to liking my version more than hers!”

5. Kitchen Staple Kale Salad by AnnMarie R.

Kitchen Staple Kale Salad by AnnMarie R.

AnnMarieʼs Kitchen Staple Kale Salad is the perfect excuse to bring friends and family together. Picture a large bowl brimming with tender greens, crunchy seeds, vibrant carrots, sweet golden beets, and snappy red peppers, capturing nearly every color of the rainbow. This salad is not only a treat for your palate but also a feast for the eyes, making it ideal for sharing and enjoying in good company.

AnnMarie Roth is FRNʼs Head of Impact, which means she ensures weʼre making as big of a positive impact in the world as we possibly can. At home in Brandon, Vermont, she spends her happy time loving on her dogs, dancing solo, spiritual adventuring, making meaningful connections, and having random conversations with neighbors.

AnnMarieʼs passion for making a positive impact on the world informs her commitment to plant-based eating. Hereʼs how she puts it:

“Iʼve experienced the transformative power of whole, plant-based foods in my life and have witnessed it in the lives of people I love. Sadly, Iʼve also seen the consequences of eating the modern industrialized diet; I lost my mother to Alzheimerʼs, my father to heart disease, and am now seeing my older siblings beginning to grapple with diet-related health challenges. I am choosing a different path for myself, and know that I can age gracefully and vibrantly. I went vegan for the animals and plant-based for my health and the health of the planet. Itʼs a delicious journey!”

AnnMarie chose Kitchen Staple Kale Salad to share for personal reasons:

“When my late husband and I lived in Albuquerque, the salad that inspired this recipe was easily the most popular item in our food co-opʼs deli. It was so in demand that if it was in the case, you knew you had to get some or risk losing out until they made the next batch — and that could be days! Because they wouldnʼt give out the recipe (who could blame them?), once we moved back to Vermont, I needed to make my own version. The dressing took quite a few attempts, but I think I finally attained a close approximation to the original.”

6. Hungarian-Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers by Liana M.

Hungarian Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers by Liana M.

Transitioning to plant-based doesnʼt have to mean you leave behind your cultureʼs beloved traditions, flavors, or ingredients. In fact, with the power of plants, there are so many ways to enhance them! Lianaʼs Hungarian-Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers are a shining example of what you can create in the kitchen with a little ingenuity and creativity and a few wholesome ingredients. While this recipe does feature a few transitional vegan foods, it can easily be made using 100% whole-food ingredients.

Liana Minassian is FRNʼs Content Strategist, which means that this article (and many others) was probably her idea in the first place. She lives in Los Angeles, where she gets to do various kinds of art, including poetry, film, photography, and more. Sheʼs also into softball, volunteering, and travel.

Liana loves plant-based eating because sheʼs personally witnessed its power to heal:

“Since I was a kid, I have seen how good food can impact your health for the better. My mom had breast cancer, and I remember her doing lots of research on foods and herbs to help bolster her health so that the cancer wouldnʼt return. And it didnʼt! We definitely ate a lot more vegetables after that. But I always loved going to health food stores with her and even worked in one during high school. Then, when my husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I once again turned to food, which improved his condition and, I believe, helped prevent another MS attack. My loved ones are proof that plants have power!

Her recipe contribution to this article, Hungarian-Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers, pays homage to her family heritage:

“My mom used to make a Hungarian stuffed pepper recipe for me when I was a kid. But stuffed peppers are also a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dish, and I have Armenian heritage on my dadʼs side. After finding an Allrecipes stuffed peppers recipe, I decided to modify it based on what I remember from my momʼs recipe, plus incorporating some Middle Eastern elements as well. I make this recipe at least twice a month. Itʼs delicious on its own or with a soup or side salad.”

7. Mushroom Étouffée by Rosie M.

Mushroom Etoufee by Rosie M.

Rosieʼs Mushroom Étouffée puts a delightful spin on a New Orleans classic, where mushrooms shine as the main attraction. This dish expertly blends familiar Southern comfort with the benefits of plant-based nutrition. Using mushrooms as a meaty substitute, it offers a familiar texture, making it an excellent choice for anyone to explore plant-based options without missing out on traditional taste. Itʼs the perfect way to savor those beloved New Orleans flavors while embracing a healthier, plant-powered lifestyle.

Rosie Mackay does her thing as FRNʼs Community Dietitian-Nutritionist from her home in Atlanta. When sheʼs not exercising her creativity by coming up with delicious and healthy recipes, she enjoys travel, going on long nature walks, dancing, painting, and crafting.

Rosie knows firsthand the benefits of a plant-based diet:

“Switching to a plant-based diet was a life-saving transformation for me, altering the course of my life entirely. If I hadnʼt made the shift to a healthier, plant-based way of eating, my life today would be vastly different.

“During my childhood and teenage years, I struggled with being overweight, was frequently ill, and lacked the motivation to actively participate in my own life. Although my family predominantly followed the standard American diet, I was always more attracted to vibrant, fresh, and whole foods. Once I was in a position to make my own decisions, I fully embraced a plant-based lifestyle. This shift resulted in significant weight loss, hormonal balance, and a surge in energy and creativity. Life became brighter and seemed to offer endless possibilities.

“Plants have significantly improved my physical health and have also provided me with a genuine sense of purpose and vitality that I am eternally grateful for!”

Rosieʼs recipe also pays homage to family traditions, in her case originating in the Bayou region of Louisiana:

“I selected this recipe because itʼs one of my favorite comfort dishes from childhood, bursting with flavor and perfect for any night of the week. My passion for cooking blossomed with New Orleans-style recipes, passed down by the women in my family. Each shared their cherished secrets, adding that extra special touch to their dishes. This plant-based twist on our familyʼs crawfish étouffée recipe pays homage to generations of cooking-loving women who came before me. Now, Iʼm adding my spin to keep enjoying my rich culinary heritage while prioritizing my health and love of plant-based ingredients.”

Eat Well with the FRN Team!

As you can see from this collection of people and recipes, food is a reflection of personal, familial, and environmental factors. Now that youʼve heard from some of FRNʼs team members, itʼs your turn to reflect on your own food choices and the stories behind them. Whatʼs important to you about what you eat and what you prepare for yourself and others?

And how about asking the same of your friends, families, and others in your communities? Maybe even organize a recipe swap, focusing on healthy, ethical, and sustainable ways of eating. Food has always been a shared experience — letʼs keep the sharing going on our way to a healthier, happier, more just world.

Editor’s Note: If you’re new to plant-based eating, check out our Guide to Going Plant-Based

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