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John Robbins Interviews Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

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7 KB EsselstynYou can prevent and cure heart disease. Period.

Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., is author of the bestselling book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Drawing on the insights from his decades of rigorous research and more than 150 scientific papers, Dr. Esselstyn explains, with irrefutable, scientific evidence, how we can literally end the heart disease epidemic forever by changing what we eat. His work is featured in the extraordinarily popular documentary, Forks Over Knives.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from heart disease? It’s the leading killer in the world. Would you like to know Dr. Esselstyn’s simple and life-saving prescription?

Ocean Robbins is co-author of Voices of The Food Revolution, and serves as adjunct professor for Chapman University and CEO and co-host (with best-selling author John Robbins) of the 150,000+ member Food Revolution Network. He is also co-founder of Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!) and author of Choices For Our Future and of The Power of Partnership.



  1. Its not just raising awareness among people about the health risks in their diet – its battling the food industry and the political and financial power of companies like Monsanto and the threat that GMO plants to our health – despite the evidence. It needs political will as well as people power to change the food industry.

  2. America needs to challenge the food industry and its political power. Only then will there be any headway in making a change in people's diets.

    As animal protein becomes too expensive to produce – people will have to consume more plant based foods – but there is the threat of GMO crops – and so far there is evidence that they are unsafe – not only for consumers but also the ecology of the planet. The Food Revolution needs political will – uncorrupted by big business bucks.

  3. Its not just raising awareness among people about the health risks in their diet – its battling the food industry and the political and financial power of companies like Monsanto and the threat that GMO plants to our health – despite the evidence. It needs political will as well as people power to change the food industry.

  4. Unfortunately not in closed caption. But obviously VERY IMPORTANT Info! I may need to purchase the transcripts.

    • Unfortunately never educated on the subject, in medical school. You would think that that would be top priority for anyone going into the medical profession and beyond 1 hour. What, we put in our mouths is just as important as what we put into our minds. 2. Too ignorant and lazy to find out more, even many of their colleagues refuse to follow up on continuing education. 3. Don't practice what they preach. 4. Focus is not on wellness and prevention, but the quickest way to get the most patients in and out their doors( writing a prescription)5. Stereotype that, their patients don't want to change their eating habits. 6. Biggest one of all: not a big enough money maker! Over the course of many years of talking to doctors, their colleagues and particularly their family (children) ( I attended school from kindergarten up through college and all can attest to what I mentioned here) Even Well know doctors on Tv like Dr Oz will periodically make mention of it. Big Pharma and the food industry run this country. It's about big profits not health and cures and never will be until we fight back they make billions of dollars every year so we need educate ourselves and others and hit them in the pocketbook. We need to stop this scarcity mentality. Not everyone wants to do the right thing, there unfortunately will always be sick people out there because they don't want to put forth the effort claiming its too cost prohibitive to eat well. Do they realize how much bull that is? How much they spend on Frankenstein foods and fast foods each year? Not to mention on high co pays and prescription drugs? Far more than quality foods.

  5. It's important that physicians become focused on nutrition and its role in disease and in prevention. Instead of a pill, they should give a prescription for better eating.

  6. Would you like to know Dr. Esselstyn’s simple and life-saving prescription? Yes, I have read his books while in college. This presentation is excellent, and I wish more folks would be able to hear this. I agree with you Dr. Esselstyn we can do better as a country here in the USA.

    A recent case in point: Alabama athletic director Mal Moore poses with Nick Saban after the 2013 National Championship. TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) Alabama athletic director Mal Moore has been hospitalized with heart problems.


    Who's filling America's church pews (2012)

    Ben Dugas of Auburn, who has a condition diagnosed as cerebral palsy, finds he sleeps better and enjoys more time with his wife, Wendy, since adopting the church's guidance on vegan eating and Sabbath-keeping.

  7. My references are: Vegetarians And Vegans in America Today By Karen Iacobbo (2006) – My story is included in this book.

    Paul Nison’s letter to me (2000), plus his books (the most recent The Daylight Diet) he has sent to me for free over the years.

    Magazine Article about my lifestyle is in Health Science Magazine, (1999)

    Past member of The American Natural Hygiene Society

    Natural Hygiene Society’s State O’Leno Park’s Gathering (1998) in Florida

    Vegetarian Times Magazine, 1991 edition, See Introduction, where I am mentioned.

    My interview with the now defunct ‘Natural Health M2M newsletter with Coordinator, Bob Avery.

    I am so glad I converted from a meat based diet decades ago, along with vegetarian, activist Dick Gregory and the late Dr. Alvenia Fulton

  8. I am an only child. My parent and grandparents on both sides of the family are deceased. I have had only one child.

    Father was active, but ate the standard American diet, who died of Heart attack and he was also a diabetic. (2003)

    Mother died of ovarian cancer. She was inactive, overweight most of her life and at the SAD! (1986)

    My grandmother, who was inactive and overweight most of her life, died of a heart attack, and she had breast cancer, also. (1989 – mother’s side)

    My grandfather died of a heart attack in his car on the way home from work in 1957. (mother’s side)

    My great grandmother died of a heart attack also. (1955 – mother’s side)

    My great grandmother, who had asthma, died of a heart attack also 1977. (Father’s side)

    My grandmother (father’s side), cause of death unknown at a young age. (1950’s)

    My aunt has had an operation on her neck (twice) for a clogged carotid artery, and was forced to retire at an early age at 52 yr old. (1986). Her husband, who had alzheimer’s disease died of a heart attack (1999). This couple were heavy meat eaters, and they smoked from a very early age.

    My other aunt the oldest, has had eye surgery, arthritis of the spine, and now suffers with knee problems. She retired recently due to declining health. (2011)

  9. Ip'm an Esselstyn success story. I have nothing but praise for the work and diet devised by the Esselstyns. My life was turned upside down by a heart attack over 2 years ago. My husband and I went Plant-Based and haven't looked back. We're trim, fit and heart attack proof. This new healthy lifestyle is so exciting we can't keep it to ourselves. We tell everyone about the Esselstyns, about Plant-Based Living and about our amazing turnaround. Many are joining us with great success as well.

  10. I'm a Dr. Esselstyn success story.50 lbs lighter, no insulin,or heart medications. Attended plant-strong emersion last August in Hudson, New York. It was a life changing experience. I'm healthy, happy and looking forward to attending this year.

  11. It is time for everyone to make the changes if they want to have True health!

    My Dad had a heart attack and quadruple bypass over 20 years ago. He would not be alive today (except if G-d had so chosen to perform a miracle without him doing any intervention) if he had not completely altered his food regimen.

    I had started in macrobiotics over 20 years ago and that is the lifestyle he follows mostly, as well as raw vegan whole plant foods – of which I adhere to. It is not as difficult as people make it out to be. If you can eat all the fruits and vegetables you like and still lose weight, reverse ailments you've had for years like hypertension, diabetes, stop taking drugs, etc – that is awesome!

    The issue is the non-foods on the market which are full of chemicals, excito-toxins, etc that are totally controlling what you buy. "REAL" food that tastes great will seem awful to those who are still eating junk because your taste buds are numb and it takes a while to retrieve the sensations to your tongue, especially the sweet, which most people crave more then others.

    I have been a vegan for over 22 years and will continue this way for the rest of my life! I am willing to help those in need if you don't know what to do or how to do it!

    I am a vegan chef and educator

    You can contact me via my blog: rawsomegal.wordpress.com

    Chef Mindy

    • Click on my name and it will take you to my blog where you can leave a comment and I will contact you directly for guidance on starting and adhering to a plant based vegan lifestyle

  12. That's exactly what NDs (Naturopathic doctors) across this country have been doing for decades…and MDs are catching up, slowly but surely. There's good reason to remain optimistic. We're in the middle of a grand awakening!

  13. Thanks to trailblazers…I call them Wellness Warriors…such as Doc Esselstyn, the Food Revolution is improving the health and longevity of people everywhere!

    For anyone looking for more fab info, you may be interested in these movies (I found on Netflix):

    -Food Matters

    -Hungry For Change

    -Forks Over Knives


    -Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

    May we all be committed to better health and continue to spread the message of healing thru nutrition.

    Now go eat some broccoli :)

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